Our Research

  • Health Research

    1. Development and evaluation of long and short term healthcare policies

    2. Development and evaluation of healthcare delivery system

    3. Improvement of the healthcare policies

    4. Prevention and control of chronic and other diseases

    5. Development of mental and reproductive health system

    6. Studies on supply and demand for healthcare resources

    7. Studies on Optimum management of healthcare resources

    8. Development of food and drug safety policies

    9. Optimization of healthcare services

    10. Promotion of pharmaceutical, food, hospital, and medical instrument industries

    11. Development of healthcare database and technologies

    12. Analyses of cost-effectiveness in the healthcare industry

    13. Improvement of management of medical institutions

    14. Studies on separation of prescription of dispensing of drugs

    15. Development of long and short-term health promotion plans/strategies

    16. National health and nutrition surveys

    17. Development and evaluation of health promotion programs

    18. Development and conduct of training programs for health promotion workers

    19. Development of long and short-term strategies for strengthening health education

    20. Development of health education programs

  • Social Secuity Research

    1. Improvement of the Medical Insurance system

    2. Improvement of the operation of the Medical Insurance Fund

    3. Stabilization of the Medical Insurance Fund

    4. Improvement of the National Pension Scheme

    5. Improvement of the operation of the National Pension Fund

    6. Stabilization of the National Pension Fund

    7. Improvement of the National Basic Livelihood Security System

    8. Studies on income redistribution

    9. Studies on self-support policies and counter-unemployment measures

    10. Estimation of minimum cost of living and development of anti-poverty measures

    11. Studies on social assistance programs

  • Social Policy Research

    1. Long and short-term population projections

    2. Development of population policies

    3. Analysis of family structure

    4. Development of strategies for family welfare

    5. Development of policies on women's welfare

    6. Studies on family mores and funeral/burial traditions

    7. Evaluation of welfare administration

    8. A wide range of public opinion surveys

    9. Surveys on the livelihood and welfare needs of the elderly

    10. Evaluation of welfare facilities and programs for the elderly

    11. Development of welfare and health programs for the elderly

    12. Surveys on livelihood and welfare needs of the disabled

    13. Development of long and short-term policies for the welfare of the disabled

    14. Studies on enhancing the efficiency of rehabilitation services

  • Information & Statistics Research

    1. Development of health and welfare database

    2. Studies on health and welfare informatization

    3. Data processing and provision

    4. Operation of information networks and HOME page

    5. Development of long and short-term plans for health/welfare statistics generation

    6. Improvement of health/welfare statistical methods

    7. Collection and organization of books, materials and information

    8. Lending of books and materials

    9. Distribution of in-house Publications

    10. Management of subscribers

    11. Provision of information to users

  • Social Policy Research

    1. Development of long and short-term research plans

    2. Evaluation of projects and performance

    3. Operation of domestic public relations program

    4. International researches on health and welfare

    5. International consulting projects

    6. Research exchanges with foreign research institutes

    7. Coordination of international conferences