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Gaps in care for children with disabilities that need to be addressed

  • Date 2024-02-21
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Video Description

Type: KIHASA Policy Featurette

Topic: Gaps in care for children with disabilities that need to be addressed

Guest Speaker: Lim, Sung-Eun, Associate Research Fellow, Center for Child and Family Policy Research, KIHASA


To put it bluntly, there is almost no infrastructure for public care for children with disabilities. There are some childcare centers for preschoolers with disabilities. However, according to the 2022 Disability Statistical Yearbook, only 22.8% of children with disabilities use childcare centers, which means that 7 to 8 out of 10 children with disabilities are cared for at home. Things are worse still for school-age children with disabilities, many of whom are left after school without benefit of community childcare. Nationwide, Community Child Centers or ‘Altogether Care Centers’ available for use by children with disabilities are plainly in short supply, as are, it goes without saying, the budget and workforce allocated to the care of children with disabilities.

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