27th Population Forum: Living as An Older Person in the Post-COVID-19 Era

  • Date : 08/30/2022 14:00 ~ 08/30/2022 16:00
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KIHASA is holding the 27th population forum, which will be live streamed on YouTube, Tuesday, August 30.

The forum will discuss, under the theme of "living as an older person in the post-Covid-19 era: seeking digital solutions for active and healthy ageing (AHA)," major changes that have been made in the lives of older adults in Korea after Covid-19 and digital solutions to promote active and healthy ageing. 


Opening Remarks, Lee Tae Soo, President, KIHASA

Congratulatory Remarks, Park Jin-Kyung, Secretary-General, Presidential Committee on Ageing Society and Population Policy

Presentation I: "Changes in the Lives of the Korean Elderly Caused by Covid-19," Namkung Eunha, Associate Research Fellow, Center for Research on Old-age Policy, KIHASA

Presentation II: "Active Ageing Strategy Using Digital Tools," Kim Choon-Nam, Research Fellow, Kyunggi Welfare Foundation

Presentation III: "Healthy Ageing Strategy Using Digital Tools," Choi Eunjin, Research Fellow, Center for Health Policy Research, KIHASA

General Discussion

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