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Core Functions and Considerations of Local Support Center for Children with Disabilities and Their Families

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    Hwang, Juhee

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    2022. 11.

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The 「Children with Disabilities Welfare Support Act」 was enacted in 2011 to help children with disabilities grow up healthy and actively participate in society in stable family life and to alleviate the burden on families of children with disabilities. However, there had been lack of regional-level service delivery to realize the goals of this Act. Accordingly, in December 2020, the 「Welfare Support Act for Disabled Children」 and its enforcement ordinance were amended, laying the groundwork for establishing local level child support centers for children with disabilities. This is a situation that requires the realization of national policies for children with disabilities and their families. This paper intends to discuss the considerations of establishing a local support center for children with disabilities and their families, and the core functions that the local support centers should be created in the future.


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