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Long-Term Care Workforce: The Current Working Conditions and Policy Implications

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    Namkung, Eun Ha

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    2024. 02.

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Based on the results of the 2022 Long-Term Care Survey, this article examines the working conditions and working environment of long-term care (LTC) workers. The findings suggest that LTC workers, especially home-visiting personal carers, are in unstable employment and have irregular work patterns. In addition, LTC workers experience various types of unfair treatment, such as verbal, physical, and sexual misbehaviors and non-standard work demands, from care recipients or their families. A significant number of LTC workers, especially those working at institutions or daycare/short-term care centers, and LTC social workers, have long working hours, lack resting areas, and are obligated to respond to frequent off-hours calls and text messages. This article concludes by presenting policy implications aimed at improving LTC workers’ employment stability, working conditions, and working environment.


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