Health and Welfare Policy Forum

Analysis of the Health and Welfare Policy Agenda from Selected 2023 International Meetings

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    Shin, Yoon-jeong

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    2024. 02.

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This report analyzes discussions held in 2013 at G20, OECD, APEC, and ASEAN meetings on health and social protection issues. The main agenda items that emerged include: building a global response system for pandemic preparedness; strengthening the resilience of the healthcare system; utilizing digital technologies in health and welfare policies; responding to climate change; and reshaping social policies in the endemic era. In order to strengthen Korea's global leadership in major international meetings in the field of health and welfare policies, it is necessary to: actively cooperate in building a global pandemic response system; help to expand universal health coverage from a global perspective; put climate change and digitalization at the top of the national health and welfare policy agenda; and establish international cooperation with developed and developing countries in response to emerging social risks.


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